3 Month Transformation

3 Month Transformation

Grief did a number on me when it came to weight. My workouts were no longer regular. Lifting weights was one thing my late husband was passionate about, so the old gym and certain workout videos would trigger all sorts of emotions. Early on I also avoided cooking dinner daily since it always reminded me that there’s one less plate to put out. Instead, I felt the need to “treat” myself and the kids out to restaurants and desserts. Eventually I became prediabetic, more exhausted than hypothyroidism made me and also uncomfortable in my own skin. My doc wanted to start putting me on medication for being prediabetic, but I vowed to start improving my habits instead.

Needless to say, I was not happy seeing how much weight I had put on and I wasn’t feeling like me. It was time for me to stop making excuses and time for me to take better care of myself… Reclaim my health… and reclaim my confidence. I knew what to do, I just needed to start doing them consistently. I found a spark along the way and I’m still going! ☺️ If I continue these healthier habits, I should be hitting my goal by the time summer gets here!

While working on me, I also found the motivation again to help others on their wellness journey too. So if that’s something you need a virtual push in, let me know….. It’ll be fun to do it together and you totally deserve to do you too!

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