Steaming Hard Boiled Eggs

Steaming Hard Boiled Eggs

I have forever been cooking hard boiled eggs in boiled water since I was very little. It was one of my favorite things to snack on as a little kid and so I often watched my mother, grandmother and uncles prepare it for me. However, times have changed and there are many new ways to make hard boiled eggs these days.

I had my cousin over for a weekend and one morning while I was cooking breakfast, he suggested that I could be saving myself a little bit more time and work in cooking. I was boiling hard boiled eggs in one pot over the stove and rice was cooking in a rice cooker (because yes… Filipinos traditionally eat rice for breakfast… lunch and dinner). So he said his shortcut was to add the egg directly into the rice. Then just cook the rice as I normally would and the hard boiled egg and rice would be cooked to perfection. So I tested this out for the next several times that I made hard boiled eggs and they came out perfectly! The only thing to note though is that they would have rice stuck to them… so a small challenge to work with, but that was okay. 😛

So here I am pondering which method I’m going to use to make a dozen hard boiled eggs for Easter. Then it dawned on me… I have a steaming tray for my steamer (rice cooker) which I normally use for vegetables! Perfect!

Thanks to my mother, she gifted me an Aroma Professional Plus last year. I’ve been using it as a rice cooker for the most part, but have this year started using it to cook soup, meat, and potatoes too! You can read more about the Aroma Professional Plus on Amazon, if you’re interested.

So here’s how to make hard boiled eggs in a steamer:

Step 1: Add 2 cups of water
Step 2: Place a steaming tray on top
Step 3: Add eggs to the steaming tray and close the lid
Step 4: If you have an Aroma Professional Plus, set it on Steam Cook for 10-15 minutes (depending on how you like your eggs). If you have a traditional rice cooker, just let it steam until the rice cooker flips to done.
Step 5: Some may choose to pour cold water on the eggs to stop the cooking process. I like to let mine cool down for a few minutes before pouring cold water on it.

That’s it! What I really like about using this method is that the eggs are so much easier to peel versus using the traditional boiling in water method.



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