Pennies from Heaven Keepsake Jar

Pennies from Heaven Keepsake Jar

Since my husband passed, the kids and I have been coming across pennies in our path. This isn’t just finding spare change in the laundry. Instead, we’ve noticed pennies showing up in our direct paths and at certain occasions. When my kids are dressed up for a certain occasion or one of us is going through a tough grieving moment, pennies just happen to be right there in plain sight. Sure it sounds skeptic, but when they show up, its more than just too coincidental. Try Googling “pennies from angels” or “meaning of finding pennies” and you’ll find a wealth of information.

When we first noticed pennies and were told about their significance, my kids would get really excited (I’d cry sometimes) and they’d toss them right away into their piggy banks. After a few occurrences I realized these needed to be collected in a special container so that we can keep these little messages from Heaven and never spend them.

So my daughter picked out a pickle jar she emptied by herself (since she’s a pickleholic and I’m anti-pickles) and started saving the pennies in there. We’ve been keeping them in this jar for over 9 months already. Finally, I decided it was time to decorate the jar a bit.


    • Clean, empty pickle jar & lid
    • Cricut Silver Metallic Vinyl
    • Cricut Transfer Tape
    • Weeder
    • Scraper
    • White Paint
    • Paint Brush
    • Hemp Cord
    • Font: Aleidita

Pennies from Heaven  Cricut Layout

The kids love to craft and use my tools sometimes (and make them disappear), so yes… I used a corn on the cob holder as a weeder in this project. lol.

I’m debating if I should add glitter to the lid. What do you think? Do you keep pennies from your loved ones? If so, how do you treasure them?


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